/Governor Chris Christie Just Gave Up!!

Governor Chris Christie Just Gave Up!!

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in light-weight of his recent public beach collapse has declared he does not care regarding however he appearance politically and simply cited his poll numbers as proof.

The Hill reported: “I assume my poll numbers show that I don’t care regarding political optics,” Christie same at a conference. “What I care regarding is doing what’s right and wrong.”

Christie was polled because the most less-traveled governor in a minimum of twenty years last month, continuance in with Associate in Nursing approval rating of 15 %.

Christie created the comment at a conference wherever he declared he signed a allow New Jersey, reopening state parks and beaches in time for the Fourth of July.

He received major backlash for photos of him payment time on a beach he closed over the weekend. the photographs quickly went infectious agent.

Christie mocked the coverage, speech “they’ll win a Joseph Pulitzer for this one.”